Friday, July 5, 2013

Survival Of The Smartest Or Fittest?

Survival of the smartest or fittest?

1. Background
- The smartest may depend on fittest, or I guess smartest would be able to motivate themselves to get fit [enough]. Or, they would find a way that doesn't require to be fit.
- Fittest would be able to do things through brute force (maybe). They wouldn't be totally dumb. But, if there was a choice between doing something physically with their hands or another method, then hands would be their choice.

2. Getting Moving Food
- Smartest would have the know-how to create traps.
- Fittest would be able to chase down the pigs/food.

3. Safety
- Smartest would create borders or weapons
- Fittest would eventually just scare away other possible predators

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