Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What is the most optimal food form?

Is the pill the most optimal food form? Something that is small and "easily" swallowed.

Or, is the most optimal food form something like mashed potatoes? They take up a lot of space, but they are easy to swallow also and more filling.

Or, should we be using our teeth more often? Quoting: "Use them or lose them"

Then, something like current-day fruits would be the most optimal form of food because they are filling, we are required to use teeth for the most part, and easy to swallow after chewing.

Another possible food form is something like cereal. It takes on the form of many pills lumped together. The cereal food form is just like the fruit food form except less easy to swallow after chewing. This would either cut up our digestive tract or make it stronger. I'm not sure yet.

Getting to the larger food forms would be the meat category of food. It is like the fruit form except that it requires more muscles to tear the meat into smaller pieces and a lot more chewing to consume it easily. This has the added benefit of making our heads a bit stronger.

But, completely different than all of the above is liquids. I guess, it is most related to the pill form in the way it is consumed (just swallowing). This benefit is that is quick for our quick/instant/now society, it is a little easier to consume than pills for everybody, and it is more filling so that we have better knowledge on when to stop consuming.

This everything liquid-form has already begun to take place. There is now vitamin water, vegetable juice, protein shakes, milkshakes, high-sugar carbonated drinks (soda/pop), injections, and in science you drink a substance that is absorbed in your body so that it helps doctors diagnose your symptoms.

ps - This post originally was just going to be the question, but it was fun creating and walking through these different scenarios made up on the spot.

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