Monday, October 21, 2013

Topic: Making Food And Cleaning Dishes

I like to be done cleaning dishes before my last bite is finished.

How's that possible?

Well, after cooking the food, I wash any pots/pans/dishes that I'm not using to eat. So, that way all I have left to wash is a plate and utensil. When I'm just about done eating, I take a large last bite and wash the plate and utensil(s).

I believe this is a good level of efficiency; My time is used efficiently, multitasking whenever I can. An added benefit of doing the dishes before eating is that the food will cool down so I don't have to waste my time cooling it off myself, or burn my mouth when eating.

Some may say it is more efficient to use disposable dishware, and I'll agree that it is ever so slightly faster in time. But, it costs more, less eco-friendly, and fills the garbage can quicker which would require more trips/time to empty it.

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