Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Random Question Time, Topic: Alcohol, Acids, Bases

Is alcohol an acid or base?

Is 0% alcohol mouthwash an acid or base?

Most toothpaste seems like a base.

Saliva is a base.

The stomach has acids.

So, at what point does the intestinal tube turn from base to acid?

Are bodily wastes neutral?

If not a paper litmus test, then what test do you use to test solids in order to determine if they are bases or acids.

Are there solid acids?

You just determine acids and bases mainly from electron ratios, right?

So, I guess that means you can manufacture any phase of bases and acids.

How about a structure that is both a base and acid?

Maybe attribute can change depending on how light shines on it, or the environmental temperature, near a magnetic field, or turned upside down?

Maybe it would be like the Plum pudding model that used to describe the electron/atoms/molecules?

Maybe you could make quantum effects at a larger, naked-eye level?

Imagine quantum alcohol, you might simultaneously be drinking it and not drinking it. Maybe the visible/tasteful quantum particles that you drink are tied to more "invisible" particles in the bottle. And, it is theoretically possible to have a bottle that would never finish. Though, the chances are close to infinitesimally small, there is still a chance. ;)

I think that was a full circle.